Hit-and-Run Cyclist’s Mother Pleads for Help Solving the Case

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Hit-and-Run Cyclist’s Mother Pleads for Help Solving the Case

Joshua Raine Laven, 39, was a photographer, a hairdresser and an adventurer who did things without holding back.

When he broke his jaw and hurt his back in an accident during a remodeling job, he found that yoga helped his pain. So he went to India and studied with a master for four months, so that he could share his knowledge with others.

He wasn’t just a hairdresser. He worked for Jonathan Salon, the one in the reality show,Blow Out.

Even as a boy, he pushed the limits. His mother remembers him refusing to start bicycling with training wheels. He wanted to go full throttle on two wheels, even though he crashed a few times at the beginning.

When his closest friend died of a heart attack, Laven, 39, decided to honor him by riding across the country on his friend’s bicycle. Because he wanted to bring his dog, a Cairn terrier named Ozziet, he did a lot of his riding at night to avoid the heat.

He left from his home on Cape Cod on his 39th birthday, Sept. 23, and was 100 miles from ending his trip in San Francisco when an unknown person struck his bicycle and left him on the side of Highway 1 by Wilder Ranch on May 4.

Ozziet, who waited by Joshua’s bicycle after he was struck,  attracted the attention of cyclists who found his body thrown from the road.

This week his mother, Jennifer Putnam, came to Santa Cruz to ask for the public’s help in finding the person who left her son to die on the side of the road. She will hold a press conference with the California Highway Patrol Thursday.

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