One year after cyclist’s death in North Coast hit-and-run, family searches for answers

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SANTA CRUZ — One year after 39-year-old Joshua Laven was slammed off his bicycle and found lifeless on Highway 1 north of Santa Cruz, his family is seeking answers in a still unsolved hit-and-run.

Jennifer Putnam and her husband, Jay Putnam, arrived in Santa Cruz on Friday from their home in Massachusetts to ask the public for help in finding the driver of a Dodge pickup that authorities linked to Laven’s crash.

The Putnams offered a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

“We need someone to come forward,” Jennifer Putnam said this week. “Somebody had to notice a truck that had some damage.”

In September 2012, Laven started riding a bike from Cape Cod, Mass., to San Francisco to honor his best friend — who had died while traveling in Cambodia.

Laven was riding his friend’s bike, but its frame broke near Santa Cruz. To get the bike fixed, Laven had been volunteering at the Bike Church in Santa Cruz last spring. He used a borrowed bike to commute to his accommodation in Davenport during his weeks in Santa Cruz County.

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