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Petitioning Governor Jerry Brown, Office of the Govenor of California

Post a cash reward for information on the murder of Joshua Raine Laven

Violence between bicycles and automobiles is prevalent in California. Many people are dying and our community needs your help to stop this. It has been 1 year since the murder of Joshua Raine Laven in our community. Without monetary assistance from your office, we fear this killer will not be brought to justice.Sign the Petition

Petitioning Capitola City Council – for a memorial DOG PARK!

Create a Dog Park at the Rispin Mansion Property, in Capitola

It’s important to honor the memory of Joshua Raine Laven, who was struck and killed by a “hit and run” driver on Highway 1, while he rode his bicycle with his dog Oziett (aka “Ozzi”), and provide a place for Ozzi to play. We have adopted Ozzi after we found him lying in the bike lane, where he spent all night staying by Josh’s side. We would like to develop a Dog Park on part of the Rispin Mansion property in Capitola, as Ozzi is now a Capitola full time resident! We live just a few blocks from the Rispin site, and feel that it would be a perfect place for neighborhood dogs to be able to romp and play “off leash”.We believe there is enough public support, since there are so many dog owners in Capitola with nowhere to take their dogs for exercise. Currently Capitola has no designated “off leash” areas, no place for the dogs to exercise and socialize with their dog friends and neighbors. We would like to get public and private funding to develop this into a nice dog park and already have volunteers ready to help maintain “Ozzi’s” Dog Park.       Sign the Petition